Can Faux Wood Blinds Be Used Outdoors?

Can Faux Wood Blinds Be Used Outdoors?

When you think of window shades and blinds, you probably imagine the ones you have inside your home. The same privacy and comfort that you get from your favorite roller shades, cellular blinds or Roman shades extend to your outdoor spaces. Window coverings are useful in a variety of outside areas, such as patios, sunrooms and porches. 

If you like trendy styles of horizontal shades such as faux wood blinds but aren’t sure if they’re right for your backyard, we can help. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the various types of faux wood window coverings. We’ll also tell you how to choose the ideal outdoor blinds for your needs. 

What Are Faux Wood Blinds? 

Faux wood blinds are a type of popular window covering. They look just like real wood, but instead, they’re made of high-quality synthetic materials. This makes them more durable and moisture-resistant. Since they can be manufactured quickly and with ease, one of the biggest advantages of faux wood is that it’s budget-friendly. This type of blind is also available with a cordless option, so you can enjoy its signature look while keeping your kids and pets safe and your home hazard-free. 

When it’s time to go shopping, you’ll find faux wood in all of the standard wood colors that make the original window coverings famous. If you’re interested in something different, feel free to shop for a variety of bold and neutral stains. Faux wood blinds are always available in classic shades such as white, grey and cream. If you have a modern décor style throughout your home, you can even find them in interesting hues such as butternut, cognac or wheat. 

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Are Faux Wood Blinds Made for the Outdoors? 

One of the biggest questions that homeowners have about faux wood is if they can leave it outdoors. The answer is yes. If you like real wood blinds, woven wood blinds or bamboo blinds, you can use the faux versions in warm, humid or moisture-laden spaces. Since they warp easily, real wood blinds are not recommended for outdoor use. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite styles because you want them outside. Instead of using real wood blinds to decorate your backyard or front yard, you can swap them out for window coverings made of faux wood. They have the same look and color as basswood without the risk of damage when it rains or snows. 

They’ll also be protected if you experience high levels of humidity. Since they’re beautiful, long-lasting and affordable, you’ll be able to furnish your outdoor spaces. If you like continuity in your home décor, you can also put the same color and style in the windows inside your home. 

How to Choose the Best Faux Wood Blinds  

Now that you’re looking for the best outdoor blinds made of faux wood, it’s time to learn how to choose the ideal set for your home. First, consider what size slats you prefer. Our faux wood blinds come in 1”, 2” and 2-1/2” options. Next, decide whether you want a simple, quick-ship style in a neutral color or a premier or signature blind with special features and intriguing colors. 

Once you choose a specific style, it’s time to select your features. Pick from different colors and then decide if you prefer an inside or outside mount type. Add different valances, make your blinds cordless and choose from additional headrail and privacy options. Additional hardware such as hold down brackets are available on select products. 

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Creating Your Ideal Outdoor Space with Faux Wood Blinds  

For many homeowners, an outdoor space can be a family oasis. No matter where you like to have fun, rest or relax, window coverings can help to reduce glare, make the room more comfortable and add to your home’s ambiance and décor. 

Before you buy your faux wood blinds, remember a few important tips. Always measure the height and width of your windows before you order to make sure you get the right size. We make custom blinds for all of your outdoor spaces, so you always have the right fit. Read our guides to learn how to measure blinds so you can measure and order with confidence. 

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