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Top DIY Projects for Your Home

Factory Direct Blinds is the premier seller of self-installation window treatments in the United States, offering great products (at low prices) and nation-wide shipping to those looking to change things up around the house. We offer hundreds of customizable options in blinds, shades and shutters, and this summer we challenge you to envision a new look for your home using our top-of-the-line products.

Our window treatments are delivered right to your door and are quick to install. We provide simple instructions on our website for each of the products that we offer, making your newest DIY project easier than ever! So whether you want to spruce up your living room, or recreate your outdoor space, Factory Direct Blinds provides a simple solution to all of your window treatment needs.

Want even more of a change? Check out our list of the Top DIY Projects to try in your home:

1. A New Coat of Paint

It's simple, we know, but adding a new coat of paint to a tired set of cabinets can make a huge difference in the way you see your home. New paint makes everything look newer and less worn-down, and will make you feel like your realtor just handed you the keys to your house all over again. Try experimenting with new colors and make sure you always use ones that compliment one another.

2. Try a Backsplash

Make your walls come to life by adding a fun, backsplash using peel-and-stick tiles. We've seen this a ton in kitchens and bathrooms and it's one of our favorite looks! There are so many different tiles to choose from, but we suggest you go bold. Try something totally new! They're easy to install (and to remove as well), so feel free to take a risk and really give your space a new look.

3. Chrome to Matte


We hate to say it, but that shiny gold finish around your mirrors and faucets is so 80's. The matte look is in and we think you should go black! A black matte finish is super sleek and is a simple and subtle trick that will make your home look years younger and will have your friends scratching their heads to figure out what's new!

4. Add Some Flare to Your Stairs

Adding some patterned or brightly-colored upholstery to your stairs is the DIY hack you never knew you needed. Putting a train down the center of your staircase will be sure to bring a splash of color into the room and will earn some compliments from all who cross its path. You could also try painting your stairs a classic white color for a simpler look (but feel free to change it whenever you're inspired).

5. Frame Those Mirrors

Borders create order, so adding frames to all of your mirrors will definitely help to pull your room together. Framed mirrors will tidy up your home and will make things look more collected for a cleaner, more organized look. No need to match the frames either, so feel free to play with different styles (but try to aim for the same color scheme).

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