Trending Now: Top Colors for Interior Design 2016

Color choice is an important aspect in home decor. Colors are used to create special themes in homes and will equally bring excitement, brightness and creativity in interior design. The right mix of colors from floors, walls, windows, blinds, curtains and furniture will completely transform the look of a home. Professional pacesetters in painting and interior design such as PPG, Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, Dulux and Benjamin Moore have already predicted colors likely to trend in 2016.


Paradise Found by PPG


Paradise Found is PPG's color of the year 2016. The color easily creates a sense of calmness, ambiance and spirituality in a room. Glidden paint further depicts composure and peace of mind. The muted green takes the color of a forest floor as well as an Echeveria succulent color. It will therefore rhyme perfectly with delicate pastels and light neutrals. The color can be best paired with a rich stained Mahogany Basswood Blinds or Woven Wood Shades to keep your surroundings feeling natural.


Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams



The color of the year 2016 as announced by Sherwin-Williams is Alabaster. Alabaster comes in as a great touch of solace and relaxation especially after a weary day. The sense of relaxation, calmness as well as great spirituality makes the color great for any interior decor. It is a perfect match with both brighter hues as well as neutral colors. The result in a room remains fascinating and composing. The Alabaster is indeed a soft and alluring white for a relaxed mood. Used on the window shades and blinds, it will no doubt depict a confident character of success, luxury and composure.


Cherished Gold by Dulux


Dulux has finally unveiled the much awaited color of the year, 2016. The Cherished Gold is not only bright enough to depict vibrancy but also easily blends with other color tones. This color is set to take interior color design by storm. Cherished gold will certainly work well with beige, pink as well as grey. The color will bring in a fresh breath of life and restyling with a soothing sensation. Cherish Gold can depict marvelous results when used with trendy Honeycomb Shades.

Blend of Serenity and Rose Quartz by Pantone


Pantone announced a blend of Serenity and Rose Quartz as the 2016 color of the year. The soft blue touch of Serenity combined with the pink touch of Rose Quartz is projected to dominate the color industry from fashion to interior design. Inside and outside of the home, these colors will strike you with inspiration and appreciation. When you look to the sky during a noteworthy sunset, you will notice the clouds and sky take on these two colors and what a sight it is. What better way to experience an awe-inspiring sunset than with Vertical Blinds? This blend of Serenity blue and Rose Quartz pink will bring in a touch of freshness in design and color mix in 2016.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore


The years 2016's color of the year as announced by Benjamin Moore experts is Simply White. A mix of the white color and light will reflect well to result in appealing beauty. White will stand strong alone or provide neutral colors with a settled feeling. It is a perfect compass to the view of visitors in your home as all other colors will act as focal points within a room. Light filtering Roman Shades or Bamboo Shades accompany Simply White with the luminosity it deserves.

Color experts from PPG, Dulux, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore and Pantone have all predicted colors that will influence color choice in 2016. The colors on the rise for interior design include Serenity and Rose Quartz, Simply White, Cherished Gold, Alabaster and Cappuccino White.

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