Why We Love Faux Wood Blinds

Why We Love Faux Wood Blinds

When it comes to buying the right blinds and shades for a home, that decision can be a difficult choice to make for many homeowners given the number of options there are available these days. However, one type of window covering that is consistently popular due to its affordable prices, elegant appearance and overall durability is

faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds, while they are designed to look and feel just like natural wood, are actually made out of vinyl, composite wood or PVC. They come in a variety of different colors to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic and are available in either cordless or corded controls. Not only do faux wood blinds improve the appearance of your windows and effectively block out light, but they also perfectly complement many different home decors and other furnishings. When you choose faux wood blinds for your home, you are guaranteed to get window treatments that will instantly enhance the appearance of any room in your home. It’s easy to see why an increasing number of homeowners are considering the benefits of faux wood and see their potential in home decoration. In this article, we will explore all the reasons why we love faux wood blinds (and why we think you will, too).

Real Wood vs. Faux Wood: What’s the Difference? 

The right window treatments can really transform the look of your home. Traditionally, wood blinds have always been the style of choice for many homeowners. However, due to environmental concerns, high costs and the need for low-maintenance products, homeowners have turned to faux wood blinds as the more ideal choice. The primary difference between the two is the type of material they’re made from. Wood blinds are made out of real, natural wood and can be stained and painted to match the decor in your room. They are not recommended for high-humidity areas of the home, such as in the bathroom or kitchen, because of natural wood’s tendency to warp or crack with prolonged exposure to moisture. 

Faux wood blinds, on the other hand, are typically made out of PVC, although sometimes they’re made from vinyl or composite wood (a mixture of wood and plastic). They have the same realistic wood pattern and can also be stained and painted to match your decor just like wood blinds can. 

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Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

1. More Affordable than Wood

One of the biggest advantages of faux wood blinds is that they are a much more affordable option than real wood blinds. With faux wood blinds, you can expect to pay a fraction of the price that you would pay for real wood. However, don’t let the wood “faux” fool you, as faux wood blinds are nearly identical to the real thing. In fact, most people have a difficult time distinguishing between real and faux wood, so your guests don’t even have to know that they are not the real thing. 

2. Resistant to Moisture

As we mentioned earlier, wood blinds have a major disadvantage when it comes to moisture and high humidity areas causing them to warp, crack, swell or expand with prolonged exposure. Extreme heat and sunlight can also damage genuine wood, causing it to fade over time. On the other hand, faux wood blinds are resistant to moisture and heat and are a much better option for homes in high humidity areas or for rooms where moisture is a common issue, such as in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. They are also better at standing up to extreme temperatures than wood blinds are, making them ideal for homes in very hot or cold climates or in areas where temperatures tend to fluctuate within a 24-hour timeframe. 

3. Durable and Easy to Clean

Given that faux wood blinds are made using composite materials, such as PVC or vinyl, these blinds can withstand extended periods of wear and tear on a daily basis without bending, warping, cracking or swelling and will stay looking like new with proper care and maintenance. In addition to being durable, faux wood blinds are also extremely easy to clean. Because they are resistant to water damage, they can be washed and wiped down using a damp cloth and a mixture of soap and water. What’s more, they won’t become damaged by cleaning solutions, so you don’t have to worry about ruining them if you need something a little stronger to keep them clean. 

Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

4. Come in Many Different Styles

Faux wood blinds are available in many different colors, styles, paints and stains. Plus, you can also have them custom-made to fit your specific needs and preferences. Choose from a range of sizes and colors, as well as what type of control mechanism would work best. Faux wood blinds come with standard corded controls or cordless options that are safer for homes with small children and pets. All these options give you a great deal of flexibility when choosing faux wood blinds for your home.

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5. Environmentally Friendly

Most buyers don’t realize this, but faux wood blinds are actually better for the environment. By purchasing faux wood blinds, you are helping to reduce the number of trees that are being cut down. Faux wood blinds are also recyclable, so not only are you making an eco-friendly decision by purchasing them, but you can also help reduce the amount of trash in landfills by recycling them when you’re ready for something new. 

6. Insulating

Faux wood blinds are incredibly effective at insulating rooms. Windows are one of the primary locations where homes absorb the hottest air during the summer and lose heat during the winter. Protecting your windows with faux wood blinds can help block out some of the heat that comes from the sun during the summertime and keep warm air in during the frigid winter months, making your home much more energy efficient and helping you save money on your monthly utility bills. 

7. Privacy

Like any effective window treatment, faux wood blinds provide you and your family with privacy by preventing people from being able to see inside your home, allowing you to feel secure without the fear of being observed. They’re much thicker than other styles of blinds, ensuring that the inside of your home can’t be seen by nosy neighbors or anyone else who may be snooping around outside. 

Choosing Between Real Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blindsWhen it comes to choosing between real wood and faux wood blinds, that decision is based on a variety of factors. First, you will need to decide what your preference is. Although faux wood blinds are virtually identical to natural wood blinds, some people prefer the real thing and don’t mind the higher cost of genuine wood. However, they still would not be able to install them in areas where they could become damaged by moisture and humidity. If you are on a budget and you like the look of faux wood blinds as much as real wood, then these blinds will work perfectly for your needs. Another option is to purchase a combination of both. 

Something else you’ll have to take into consideration when shopping for blinds is how often you plan on changing up your home’s decor. If you think you will be making dramatic changes to your home’s color scheme sometime in the future, then you will need to think about the costs of re-staining or completely replacing your blinds for something new. Keep in mind that faux wood blinds can’t be re-stained if your design preferences change, so if you want a new color for a room in your home, you will need to purchase a new set. Again, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and other areas of your home where there is an accumulation of moisture require faux wood blinds, as do homes in moist climates. 

If you are still not sure whether you want faux wood blinds or real wood, consult with the manufacturer or a window blinds expert who will be able to help you understand the differences between the two and work closely with you to determine the best window treatments for your style, budget and preferences. 

Ordering Faux Wood Blinds Online Quote

Ordering Faux Wood Blinds Online

When it’s time to purchase faux wood blinds for your home, ordering online is simple. The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want corded or cordless controls. Cordless blinds are safer for homes with small children and pets and offer a much more seamless look. However, if your windows are wide or larger than normal, then you may need corded blinds. Next, you will need to determine what size your windows are so that you can provide the manufacturer with the correct measurements when placing your order. You will need to choose a mount type first—either inside mount or outside mount—and then calculate the measurements of your windows accordingly. Then, decide on a color. Faux wood blinds come in a wide spectrum of painted colors, from smooth whites and creams to wood tone colors, such as hazelnut, mahogany, tigerwood and more. Once you’ve made all your selections and customizations, it’s time to place your order and wait for your new faux wood blinds to arrive at your doorstep!

How to Install Faux Wood Blinds

Once you receive your faux wood blinds, installation is easy. In fact, a screwdriver is all you will really need to get the job done. First, carefully unpack your blinds and mounting hardware and make sure you have everything you will need. Most blinds come with three brackets—two for holding both ends of the head rail and one for supporting the center—although this could depend on how wide your blinds are. Position your mounting brackets and use your screwdriver to fasten screws into each. If your faux wood blinds come with a valance, then attach that to the front of the head rail before mounting the blind. Next, slide the head rail into the brackets and snap it in so that it is secure. To complete your installation, lower and test out your new blinds to make sure they look and function as they should. If everything looks good, then your faux wood blinds are ready for use! 

Let Factory Direct Blinds Help

If you are ready to order faux wood blinds, but have questions or aren’t sure where to start, turn to the experts! At Factory Direct Blinds, we are ready to help you get started on your next home improvement project and help you select the right custom blinds for your home. Contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-355-2546. 

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