Window Treatments for the Office

These days, immediate distractions in the office seem to be getting more and more accessible. It is easy to lock away electronics but it is the day-dreaming out the window that catches you off guard. One second you are admiring the leaves changing color, the next second you are wondering where you would be in life if Robert De Niro impressions were an acceptable form of currency (Filthy rich). Closing the blinds puts you back on task but now you feel trapped inside of a room saturated in fluorescent lighting. Where is the happy medium? Window treatments from Factory Direct Blinds! 

Roller Shade Solar Screens & Vertical Blinds


Roller Shade Solar Screens are perfect for the focused worker! When you have a view too good to cover up, why not look into window treatments as versatile as Solar Screens? With Factory Direct Blinds, you can choose between 1%-14% openness in your screen (0penness is the amount of sunlight that filters through your screen). These treatments above 5% openness will dim the light but they will not cover up your view! When dark colored Solar Screens are paired with modern furniture like the room above does, your window treatment will become the view!

Vertical Blinds are a classic choice for the office with a large window.  These powerful window treatments are an attractive and sleek solution to costly drapes and curtains. Whether you choose PVC, Fabric or Faux Wood, you can customize your Vertical Blinds to open at the center, much like curtains, for the dramatic effect every boss needs!

Roman Shade & Faux Wood Blinds


Roman Shades are the perfect window treatments for the stay at home employee! Roman Shades are welcoming, add texture and will black out your your room if needed! These are the window treatments made for the busy bee looking for both comfort and structure for their home office!

If a large amount of your work space renovation budget was spend on on a computer and other gadgets, Faux Wood Blinds will do just fine! Faux Wood Blinds alone give you ultimate control over light and Crisp White Faux Wood Blinds match just about any rooms color! What is not to love?

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