How to Fix Bamboo Blinds - 3 Quick Tips

How to Fix Bamboo Blinds - 3 Quick Tips
Without a doubt, bamboo blinds are uniquely beautiful. They’re eco-friendly, help filter natural light, and provide an Earthy aesthetic you can’t find anywhere else. Since you love your shades and how they improve your interior decor, you want to keep them in excellent condition for as long as possible.

If your blinds seem like they’re in disrepair, don’t toss them. Instead, there are things you can do to try and fix them at home. Before you shop for a new set of shades, read these tips. They may help you with adjusting, repairing, or caring for your bamboo blinds to save you time and money.

Tip 1: Inspect Them First

The quickest way to fix your bamboo blinds is to decide why they’re causing you problems. The issue could be as simple as a cleaning session to remove excess dust or dirt. If they’re slow to move up or down, even after inspection, there may be an issue with the pulley system or the cord. When the shades look messy or uneven, you could need to repair the panels or slats. Sometimes, they may stop moving entirely. This could require an adjustment to controls, mounting, or some other type of hardware.

To find out, you’ll need to take your blinds off the wall. While it’ll take a few moments to remove them from your window, you’ll find it easier to clean or adjust them when they’re on a table in front of you. This approach will also prevent damage to the delicate material since you won’t be hovering over the shade with a screwdriver and ladder. If possible, review manufacturers’ instructions for uninstalling your bamboo blinds. Most styles will require removal of brackets off the wall, while others will have additional safety cords or clips.

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Tip 2: Check the Roller Mechanism

If you like spending time at home, you probably use your blinds on a daily basis. After years of use, the cord on your bamboo blind may stop working. If you find that you suddenly can’t adjust your window coverings up or down, look to the roller mechanism. Take the cord in your hands,  then locate the fastener at the end of the roller. Pull at the cord to test it. If it looks or feels loose, you’ll need to tighten it again.

Sometimes, the fastener becomes worn or breaks entirely. Replacing the old fastener will make the cord work like new again. To find a new part, visit your manufacturer’s website or search on an online hardware store.

Tip 3: Restring Your Shades

If your pulley system stops working properly, you can cut it and restring it. You’ll need to purchase a new string from the blinds’ manufacturer or a hardware store. Make sure you have the material before you repair your shades, so you don’t sacrifice privacy or security.

Once you have the string in hand, tie one end of it to the back left side of your blinds. Pull the string down along the bottom backside of the shade, then move it back up the front. Once you reach the top of the blind, pull the string through the front left pulley. Move the material over the grip on the right side pulley, then bringing it over the plastic wheel from right to left. Now, bring the string down the front side of the shade. Pull the string all the way up the back again, then tie the material tightly at its very top.

Next, you’ll need to grab another piece of string for the right side of your bamboo blind. Any extra material on the front right side will be used for the pull cord. Once you’re done assembling the pull cord, test the shade. If it’s working properly, you can hang it on the wall for good.

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Keeping Your Bamboo Blinds Looking Like New

By keeping your bamboo blinds clean and dust-free, they’ll look like new for as long as possible. You can also inspect them regularly for problems by testing the panels and cord. If they move up and down without a challenge, they should be in good working order. Otherwise, these tips and tricks should be able to help.

If you’re not able to repair your blinds, we have the latest styles in bamboo and woven wood. They’re even available cordless, which makes them sleek and safe for children and pets. Looking to change your style? We have durable roller shades and streamlined cellular shades to fit both modern and traditional décor. Other popular choices for today’s homes include statement-making Roman shades and affordable yet striking faux wood blinds. No matter which type you choose, the quality material will keep them beautiful for as long as possible. Now that you know how to DIY, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

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