Windows: Plants & Treatments

Quick question. Is there a plant in the room you are in? More times than not, the answer to this question is no. When you decorate your home, plants are a complete second thought that we do not go out of our way for. First things first when you are putting a room together. You hunt for frames, lamps, rugs, etc. So what is the fuss over plants?

A plant or two will lighten your mood and purify the air. These facts alone should have you searching for plants right now! All you need is a tiny pot for your plant, window and a window treatment! You don't need a green thumb to create a thriving mini garden but you do need the right window treatment!

Pictured above:  Arrowhead Plant, Faux Wood Blinds

Spruce up your room with low light plants! Potted and low maintenance, you do not need to soak these with sun so be sure to place them in an are with controlled light or more specifically, Faux Wood Blinds from Factory Direct Blinds.  Too much sunlight for these delicate plants can wilt them very quickly!


Pictured above: Aloe Vera Plant, Baby Tears, Croton Norma Plant, Solar Shades

These plants are easy to maintain but they do require more exposure light! That shouldn't be a problem if you have Solar Shades with a decent amount of openness! With a little water and the best suited window placement , they will practically preserve themselves!

All in all, with enough attention to up keep and window treatments, any window can be decorated with an adorable windowsill garden! You will be showered by the positive effects a plant brings to a room.

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