How Much Do Blinds Cost? Covering Your Windows Affordably

How Much Do Blinds Cost? Covering Your Windows Affordably

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You’d like new blinds, but you don’t want to spend too much money—but, as you begin your search, you quickly become overwhelmed by all the high price options. Are there any blinds out there that won’t break the bank, and how can you find them? In this guide, we walk you through how much blinds cost and explain how to choose blinds no matter your budget.

How Much Do Blinds Cost?

The cost of blinds varies depending on a variety of factors, including the type of materials and the features included—for example, whether they are cordless blinds or not. The size of windows also plays a major factor in the cost of blinds: The larger the window, the more expensive the blinds. If your windows are a non-standard size and you need to get custom blinds, that will also increase the cost.

Can’t Decide on the Right Blinds? Order Free Blind Samples to Test Them OutWith all other factors being equal, including window size, these are the types of blinds from least to most expensive:

  1. Mini blinds

  2. Faux wood

  3. Cellular shades

  4. Roller shades

  5. Vertical blinds

  6. Pleated shades

  7. Wood blinds

  8. Woven wood shades

  9. Roman shades

  10. Zebra shades

To get a sense of the range expressed here, at Factory Direct Blinds it costs about $25 to get basic mini blinds for a 24-inch x 36-inch window and about $100 to get premium zebra blinds for a window of the same size. Mid-range wood blinds or pleated shades will cost around $50—so, double that of the cheapest mini blinds but only half of premium zebra blinds. 

If you’re looking for blinds on a budget, the options toward the top of that list will be a bit easier on your wallet. If you’re looking for premium window treatments that will last a long time, then you might want to focus your search on the bottom of the list. 

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Many factors influence the cost of blinds. For example, premium vertical blinds with lots of features might end up costing more than a more entry-level version of roman shades. If you start by looking at more inexpensive blinds to save money, and then add a lot of features that rack up the price, it might not save you that much cash in the long run as compared to getting the more expensive blinds you really want. Before you make your final decision, make sure you are accurately comparing prices for the features and window size you want.

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How to Choose Blinds

Choosing blinds is a big decision, and price is only part of the equation. As you shop, it’s important to keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t necessarily equal better in every given situation. 

For instance, you might assume wood blinds are better than faux wood blinds since the former are more expensive than the latter. However, real wood blinds are a poor choice for certain rooms of your house that tend to be more humid and moist, such as bathrooms and basements. In those cases, it’s better to opt for the faux wood blinds that are resistant to moisture and mildew.

Beyond the price tag, you will also need to consider the color and appearance of the blinds themselves and how they fit with the overall aesthetic of your house. The features of the blinds are also very important: As an example, parents might want to prioritize cordless blinds if they have small children in the house, as cords can pose a choking or strangulation hazard. Room darkening vs. light filtering vs. blackout are other important considerations to make. If you want top-down bottom-up blinds, that will narrow your search considerably as well.

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At Factory Direct Blinds, we know how hard it is to make a decision about blinds. After all, it’s not like you can just run back to the store and exchange them like you could with another product. To that end, we offer free samples of all our blinds to customers who need some help narrowing down their choices. That way, you can see how the blinds work in your home and make the right decision for both your budget and your design scheme. You can order your free samples here.

If you’re on a budget, taking good care of your new blinds will prolong their life, cutting down on repairs and giving you more time before you need to replace them again. If you don’t already know how to clean blinds, check out our guide that walks you through the process for each different type of blinds. Our blog also offers many other helpful tips, including inspiration for how to layer windows treatments, in case you need inspiration as you shop for new blinds!

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