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Our Top 10 Favorite Pinterest Inspired Window Covering


Whenever I'm looking for some sort of inspiration I always turn to my favorite, Pinterest.  It really doesn't seem to matter if I'm looking for a recipe or a funny quote.  I always find something on Pinterest.  When it comes to finding innovative ideas for window coverings there is no place I'd rather turn to.  I love seeing how a somewhat basic item such as  faux wood blinds can really transform the look and feel of a room.  If you are in the market to revamp your window coverings, sit back and be prepared to be inspired!





10. White Woven Woods- You typically do not see a lot of white woven woods mostly because woven woods are generally sought after because of their resemblance to wood.  White woven woods will still give you that same look  with a more sophisticated, shabby chic feel.  This look is perfect for your airy patio or a room where you want to keep it looking crisp, white and clean with out using a traditional faux wood or mini blind.



9. The Classic Woven Wood- The beauty of a Woven Wood is in its natural softness.  They are very versatile with pretty much any decor.  They are paired with soft yellows and a touch of a bold purple.  It really shows that woven woods can be the perfect window treatment just about anywhere.  They are available in different textures, patterns and colors.  Woven woods can also be lined for extra light control.




8. Roller Shades- When most people think about roller shades they think industrial.  We are here to show that roller shades can be a wonderful addition to any home and not just offices.  They have clean lines and are extremely simplistic.  Available with the cordless option, which makes roller shades one of the safest window coverings for a family.  They are easy to operate and are very light.  Blacking out your room is also very easy with roller shades. They are perfect for a child's bed room that gets alot of sunlight.




7. A sheer roman shade- Roman shades are truly a beautiful addition to any room.  A sheer roman shade really adds just the right amount of class with out feeling stuffy.  It allows light to be softly filtered in to a room.  This picture shows the available top down bottom up feature, allowing you full control of your shade.  Perfect for letting morning sunlight in.


6. A printed or patterned roman shade.- It really has been all about prints the past few years.  Chevron or damask and even plaid has is being seen everywhere.  Using a print can be intimidating.  That's why we love making them the star of the show!  A basic bathroom can be turned into something special with a simple printed roman shade.  It's also a great way to add some character to a rental where you aren't able to paint.


faux wood4


5. Basswood Blinds- Basswood blinds seem to never go out of style.  We love the idea of matching cabinets to create a very cohesive feel in a kitchen.  They are not only beautiful, but since they are made of real basswood they are extremely light and durable.  With so many stain options to chose from, we are sure you can find a perfect match for any room.  Don't forget to order your free sample to match your wood tones perfectly!



4. Faux Wood- Faux Wood horizontal blinds really are the perfect window covering.  They are affordable and look amazing in any room.  The standard is white or off white, but we love changing it up for every room.  Notice how the above blinds have been made with longer pull cords which not only look nice, but it is functional as well.  Keep in mind the location of your furniture and put the controls accordingly so that they are easily accessible.

cell shade9

3. Cellular Shades- Also known as honeycomb shades, they are one of the lowest profile shades.  Making them perfect for a window with a view.  They have an extremely small stack allowing you to still enjoy the view but also have privacy. They are also known for their wonderful insulating capabilities.  Cell shades have a very wide range of colors and light filtering options as well.  They are very child friendly when the cordless option is chosen.  They are shown above with an upgrade to top down/bottom up, providing the perfect shade, allowing light and privacy control all in one.

vertical blind

2. Vertical Blinds- We love verticals!  They are perfect for very large windows and they are extremely affordable.  They are light and very easy to operate making them perfect for seniors.  At Factory Direct Blinds we have hundreds of colors and different styles including fabric verticals.  These give you the look and feel of a drapery , but more functionality and at a more reasonable price.


black mini1

1. Mini Blinds- I'll be honest, I normally am not the biggest fan when it comes to mini blinds because they can have a very industrial feel to them.  My mind was changed when I came across this sleek room scene.  Mini Blinds can be the perfect compliment for a more modern simplistic look.  Choosing a color other than typical white can really make them seem less like mini blinds.  The best part of all is how affordable they are!  If you want to add a pop of color to a room or just wan to change it up a little, I suggest giving mini blinds a try.



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